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Balsa wood quadcopter: Part 2

In the previous installment of balsa wood quadcopter, I described our initial design thoughts and got as far as building the frame. However, we decided that the design as it stood, although lighter than the target of 34g, was just too spindly to survive more than a couple of flights and since I’d neglected to […]

balsa quadcopter

Balsa wood quadcopter: Part 1

Balsacopter: The Project. We’ve had fun building our £20 quadcopter but we’re also keen to see what other ways there are to put a cheap quad into the air. To this end I’ve been working on a design for a frame using balsa wood to which I’ll add some basic quadcopter componentry. Welcome to Balsacopter! […]

Build a Quadcopter for £20

How to build a quadcopter for £20. It should be loads of fun and a good introduction on how a quadcopter works. A quadcopter is basically a multi-rotor flying platform. The normal configuration is with 4 motors hence the name quadcopter. Please let us know if you get any parts cheaper or just want to […]